Any mom can tell you that having a cover-up for a swimsuit is a must. You never know when you'll find yourself in an awkward exchange- hotel elevator, Caseys after a trip to the pool, a boat ride, the beach bar., chasing a child. Some of us do not want to be doing these things in just our suit.

So just as important as the swimsuit, find yourself something really fun to cover up in.

Here I am arriving at the pool with all the mom things- a tote full of towels, sunscreen, toys and goggles that you'll spend 95% of your time adjusting for your kids. A sip of water and a hat. Because the affects of the sun are starting to SHOW. :)

This cover-up is from Dillards and as you can imagine, I have several others. But a cover-up can be different things to different people. I'll post more about that later this week. What I enjoy about this one is the fun tie dye print and the bright pompoms on the front. It also has little green ties on the side that you can see better below- that you can either wear on your shoulders or off.

And don't forget the sunnies!

It's that time of year where the heat kicks in and you feel like when you step outside, you're in a furnace. It's time to hit the pool....

So...I did a little something that took nerves of steel. Real moxie, I'm telling you. I did a swimsuit shoot. I know, right?

I very nearly passed out at the thought. I mean, I am not a tiny little thing. And I have a mom body- nothing is where it used to be. ;) But here's why I did it. Because of exactly those things.

Ladies, we have to get over not having perfect bodies. We just do. See my old post here about why. I am not going to live life on the sidelines because I have a few extra wrinkles and pouches. My kids are worth more than me hiding in a towel.

So, to encourage moms of all bodies, to get out there, I did this shoot for you. No one has a perfect body. EVERYone has something they want to change. Make memories with your kids. Wear the swimsuit and get over yourself. And, of course, look as cute as possible while doing so.

Here are some of my former tips for styling the mom suit. On this mad photo shoot, I will show you some new ideas.

So buckle up! I'm going to be baring it all! And no, underwear modeling isn't next.

I am that mom. I'm the one watching my kids through a camera lens. I know other parents just don't get what I do. So let me explain.

I can count on two hands how many pictures I have of me at a sporting event during my high school career (this includes professional pictures for buttons, etc.). As far as I know, none exist from college. Maybe a team shot, I don't know. I don't have it.

I don't feel badly about this. It was a different time and I was the baby, so my parents were tired. And my mom had an old point and shoot that to this day is notoriously out of battery.

But I cherish the few pictures I have, taken by other parents. And before I had a "good" camera, I SO appreciated when a parent who did would capture my kids doing something amazing.

So now, I am that mom. Yes, I watch thru the lens my kids grow up. But watching thru the lens makes me pay extra special attention. I can see the ball. I know whether it was a strike or a ball. I know if someone was fouled on that shot. Or when the solo happened.

I don't feel I take it to the extreme. I take what I can and if it's good, it's good. I don't spend every minute behind the lens. Or set up tripods hours in advance. ;) And I don't discriminate. I take pictures of all the kids on the team because you never know when the homerun or the touchdown will happen. And who doesn't want that picture?

And if you were to ask me today what to invest the most money on when you get married= the photographer. Because after the day is over, your memories and those pictures is what you will have left.

And I am so glad to have the collection of memories of my kids and their friends from all their activities.

I tell them. Yes, I am that mom. But some day we'll both appreciate it. :)

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