You know those movies.  The ones that aren’t exactly A list or Oscar worthy (well, a few of these are actually).  But you watch them just for the clothes.  Okay, maybe only I do this, but there are a few that I really love that if you haven’t seen, you need to check out.  And purely for the outfits.  Here they are, the top ten fashion movies of all time (and none of them are about fashion!): 10 When A Man Loves A Woman. This is totally Meg Ryan 1990s. But oh how cute she is in her baggie pants back when everyone work Doc Martens and ugly men’s clothing. She was totally the Annie Hall of the 90s.

I simply cannot get enough faux fur lately!  It is everywhere.  It was everywhere last season, it still is everywhere this season and it may be the only reason I have to look forward to winter. Last year I made an amazing find by purchasing an infinity scarf from Ann Taylor Loft made of faux fur.  It was on clearance (of course) at the end of the season.  And it has countless uses.  Wear it with a vest, it looks like the vest has a fur collar.  Where it with a sweater, the sweater looks like a fur collar.  Where it with a jacket, well, you get the idea. Wearing it creates just a little bit of drama and fun in a season full of bleakness.  Plus, it is warm! I think everyone should have just a little bit of fur in their lives.  So whether you indulge in a pair of gloves with fur edging (very low risk) or booties with fur tops or you go all out with a faux fur coat or sweater vest with hood (see below), enjoy the fun it brings to your winter looks! Picture from the Loft this season-

Practical, that is.  My next purchase for a pair of shoes needs to be something practical.  You just can’t push a stroller around very comfortably in high heels.  I’m not sure how Gwen Stefani does it.  So I vow to make my next pair of shoes something stylish and yet practical.  I’m in need of just some basics to get me through the winter. I’ll hit the web first to see what is out there for cheap chic. I’ve stubbled upon these at

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