Okay, here it is.  This is what I think are the top five MUST have style items for fall that I’ve been reading/seeing and am actually going to apply to my real life. 1)  A leather or suede skirt.  Yes this reminds me of junior high, but done right, I think this is definitely something I can work into my wardrobe.  Pair with a fun blouse and some high heeled oxfords, penny loafers or boots and you’re back-to-school. 2)  Colored corduroys.  Now I’m resorting to elementary school…  I reminds me of the corduroys and shirts outfits my mother bought me in the third grade. But I’m so tired of neutral pants.  And sometimes patterned pants can be tricky.  Here’s a change that makes a statement without having too much angst about what to pair with it.  Burnt orange cords + ivory or grey sweaters = one happy fashionista. 3) Anything lace.  Lace seems to be everywhere.  It screams Victorian but pair a lace top with a tweed skirt, oo la la!  Coco Chanel baby. 4)  Cropped pants.  Gotta love showing a little bit of shoe before the snow flies. And they will work wonderfully with boots when the snow hits.  A little Audrey Hepburn but with a modern twist, these are a must-have.  Here are a pair from Ann Taylor-

This week I have just been in a fashion funk.  It happens.  When you’re moody and don’t have a lot going on, the funk strikes.  And it is so hard not to just show up to places when you’re in a funk in your pajamas!  But I will NEVER do that (unless I’m sleepwalking).  If I leave the house without jewelry (wedding ring excluded), you can bet I’m in a funk.  I have a hard time finding the “right” thing to wear and I’m just throwing on clothes to cover all my parts and I’m out the door.  These are the only days you’ll catch me in jeans and t-shirt.  Mom apparel.  I-give-up apparel. I’ve decided I need to prevent these days from happening.  Here’s my plan.  1)  I experienced a mishap the other day in which cell phone landed in toilet.  Let me give you a tip, electronics do not like to swim.  Perhaps this will lead to the inevitable Smart Phone switch up.  If it does occur, then I can connect to my readers 24/7.  AND… I can get an app that lets you take photos of your clothing and create virtual outfits.  These virtual outfits would be such a blessing on funk days.  In a rush?  Quick, pull out your Smart Phone and click to see what you need to put together today.  Genius. 2)  Perhaps I should pull together a few funk day outfits in advance from my wardrobe to throw together in a pinch.  Perhaps I can avoid the t-shirt and jeans uniform and (gasp) avoid the workout capris and men’s t-shirt uniform that ONLY SHOULD BE WORN WHEN WORKING OUT!  With these ideas as an arsenal, I should be able to pull myself together and… maybe even pull myself out of my funk!

I found what I didn’t know I was looking for.  And did not find what I was looking for.  (Surprise!) My sister is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary this winter.  And I am “matron of honor” for her vow renewal ceremony.  This is a tricky outfit situation.  I need to find a dress (black by suggestion) that is formal, but fun and also not too bridesmaidy.  As this dress will most likely be worn on only one occasion (my stay-at-home life does not call for too many formal gowns), I’d like to find a bargain.  Best place for bargain formals-that’s right, GOODWILL! The trick here is that I have to find a specific color, so I’ll need to make several trips to many different Goodwill’s between now and the actual event to find just the right dress.  And if I don’t, there is another dress I’ve been eyeing on the JCPenny’s web site that I believe falls under the prom category, but as it is black, it also looks sophisticated enough for those of us who really need to be in the misses category.  And it definitely is fun!  (Visit JCP.com and type in Morgan & Co. Beaded Cross Back Dress to see for yourself.)  The only drawback with option two is that it is $90.  Too much to spend on a one-time dress.  So, while I wait to see if it goes on clearance, I’ll shop the Goodwill’s! There I am searching for a formal black dress that was not to be found on this particular day.  As I dove through the four isles of dresses, I also hit the blazer racks which sat just perpendicular to the dresses.  And I found some wonderful purchases!

Favorite purchase of the day- a cream brocade blazer with a faux fur collar.  This will be so lovely at Christmastime and pair so nicely with my new winter white dress pants! Other blazer purchases:  simple light purple tweed and a new-with-tags black blazer with extra buttons and fabulous shaping darts.

Dresses purchased:  a white JCrew sundress, mint green sundress, a purple print wrap dress, and a new-with-tags grey satiny dress with blue and pink flower print on the bottom!  Perfect for a summer wedding or other dressy occasion.

And a red satin shell I’ve been looking for!

All for under $40!

Finding treasures that I did not know I was looking for, serendipitous!

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