This cooler weather after that warm blast we had (giving us a taste of SUMMAH!) reminded me that I didn't get to share some spring outfits with ya'll.

So here we go, we reverting back to spring. Because the weather is like that in the midwest- all the seasons whenever!

I went bright and Boho for these spring shots. And to kick that off, an electric red dress. I swear I don't wear this color as much as it seems in blog posts, but I must be drawn to it on some level of consciousness.

It's super stretchy and comfortable. I'd wear this dress to church, to something semi formal like a graduation or a confirmation, or easily, to work. I paired with some retro platforms from Target and some gold accessories.

See, super stretch. ;)

Don't worry, no social distancing rules were broken in the production of this post.

What are you looking forward to most when we go back to "normal?"

There's a lot of important things I really want to do. And this is going to sound selfish but... I find myself daydreaming of a hair or nail salon, a trip to Target without the kids and night out with girlfriends.

You guys, it isn't a big dream, but it's mine. LOL.

I don't even recognize my own feet anymore. I haven't worn my toenails without polish this many days in a row since I learned how to paint nails. I catch a glimpse of them and I seriously don't even know they're mine!

As far as my roots, well for a hot minute I thought about letting my hair go. My natural blonde is such a sad, depressing color, especially after a long winter, that I think I would feel even more depressed. So highlights are required once this is all over. Highlights=joy.

And my nails, well, I gave up on them all together. They're ragged, unpolished and often chewed on because WTH. Guess I'll look forward to starting over at some point.

Meanwhile, I'm still in sweats and looking like I'm homeless for much of the time.

I hope I'm not the only one in this boat. The good news, I guess I'm saving money?

How are you all doing out there?

I have to admit, I am having my moments. Let's call them "Covid moments." Where you suddenly need to cry or take a walk or find yourself screaming about something that really isn't that big of a deal.

Some of this is really tough.

Our menus and our homeschooling have continued. (If anyone wants ideas, please let me know. I can share what we've been doing.) We have relaxed some things since the school is sending home activities. And we are not by any means "rigid" in any of our approaches here. My preschooler is the one who really seems to fall off the wagon lately mostly because after I'm done with the older three, I don't have much time or energy left. If he gets a book or a game or something online that's educational and some outside time, I'm calling that good enough for now. Sometimes, somethings gotta give.

Mostly, I'm enjoying time at home not rushing around to our crazy schedules and spending it with the people I love the most. I mean, everything I "need" is right here, minus my extended family, who I miss.

But I also miss my friends. My kids miss their friends. And it's so easy to get caught up in all the headlines. My goodness, I think the devil is having a hay day with this and we're letting him. Fear can do that, I guess.

Besides worrying about the virus, not for myself but for other family members. I worry about what affects this is having on my kids. The older ones get some socialization through video games. But the younger ones don't get to see their friends. And my youngest knows all about the c-o-r-o-n-a-v-i-r-u-s. (That's how he says it.) And may be come a giant germaphobe and scared of human interaction if this continues much longer.

I try to give my worry to God and know he's in control. And that showing grace to everyone is what we need right now, including myself when I fail at preschool homeschooling. ;)

Hope you are all hanging in there!

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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