After a blog post about being colorful, here's the truth. My favorite color is white. I have a huge section of it in my closet and it's my go to color. I know, it's not even a color. But I love it.

Just like some of you are drawn to black (which I have almost completely sworn off at this point), I am a moth to the flame for white.

What spring collection could be missing my favorite color? So here is a frilly white top that makes me happy inside and out.

It's just paired with jeans and some fun silver strappy sandals and my overnight bag- which is Boho and bright.

What's your favorite color to wear?

I am so in love with the Mexican inspired details that are trending. They're colorful and we NEED the power of bright colors this year more than any other.

Here is that same fiesta inspired top from my last picture. It's blousey and easy to wear. I paired it with some skinny jeans because of the volume on top and this easy cardi. And added in my favorite colorful sandals. They are perfectly impractical and I love them for it.


You know what sport we are back at? Baseball.

It's my favorite sport and there's a lot of sports I enjoy. But there's something just magical about baseball. It's so American- sitting out on the ballfields in the heat of the summer watching bases be stolen and kids swinging for the fences.

I just love it.

So, here's a little outfit that celebrates getting back out there to the ballparks. I wore a pair of jeans with a colorful top that you'll see later this week again.

And a trusty hat. Because a ballplayer just isn't one without a hat.

Hurrah for baseball!

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