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A Coat of Many Colors

Have you seen the movie Elf?  You know, the one with Will Farrell in it? If you have, think back to the scene where there is a crowd of people in Central Park all bundled up?  Here’s a clip-

What do you notice about this picture?  Almost everyone is wearing a black winter coat.  Do you have a black winter coat?  Chances are you do.  And then we wonder why we are depressed in the wintertime and have to take vitamin D.  It isn’t lack of sunshine, it’s the fact that we are all dressed to go to a funeral.

I was out just today shopping for a new winter coat.  It is a great time of year to do so.  The prices will only continue to fall until the selection runs out.  But I don’t want a black coat.  I don’t really want a neutral coat either.  And I’m not so excited about red.  Where are all the colors?

I had some serious trouble trying to locate any coats of color at local stores. So I’m going to do a little hunting and see if I can’t find some great colored coats! Hope to be back tomorrow with the results!


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