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A Cure for the Solid Neutrals

This week is going to be a hodgepodge of randomness.  Are we all feeling the Christmas panic starting to set in?  I know I am.  I had the hubby put up Christmas lights this weekend and I’m already sad to know my pumpkins are going to be gone soon.  Didn’t I just get those?  I’m thinking next week I’ll start dragging out my Christmas decorations. Which should be fun but this year sounds like a nightmare.

Meanwhile, I wanted to pass along this fashion tidbit of advice. I know how hard it can be to find pattern that is appealing when you are out shopping.  The big boys at the department stores know that it is easier to sell a black t-shirt than it is a peacock printed one.  It will appeal to more people and that makes them money.  Unfortunately, we all end up wearing the same black t-shirt.

So here’s a little trick.  Buy your solid neutrals with texture. This takes your boring black t-shirt to a cashmere black sweater.  Or a white skirt to a white eyelet skirt.  You can still wear it the same way as you would your plain white skirt or black t-shirt, but it’ll add volumes to your look.

That’s my little tidbit to share today!  Keep in mind when you are out shopping!


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