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A Look At What’s Out

Since we talked spring fashion last week, I thought we’d spend some time discussing what’s not on the hot list.  Keep in mind, this is only my opinion, if you love something I’ve listed, I won’t tell you to stop wearing it.  Just know that it may be the last season you might want to do so…

5) While nautical will always be a theme for spring in some form or shape, the stripes that we’ve all been seeing the past few years have now evolved into Ikat and tribal prints.  I’m certain I’ll still sneak a few of the stripes into my looks, but that preppy black and white stripe is out for now.

4) Ballet flats. I’m certainly glad to see these go.  I hated them even when they were in.  Now that we all have them in four different colors, they are out.  What’s in is more of the 70s chunky heels and mules.

Women's Cali Quarter Strap Sandals - Mossimo Supply Co. ™

Women’s Cali Quarter Strap Sandals – Mossimo Supply Co. from Target $34.99

3) Those big bags you’ve been toting?  Well, they’re out too.  This is not good news for those of us with babies but it is good news on our chiropractic bills.  What’s in is oversized clutches and backpacks.  Yup, backpacks.

2) I won’t say animal prints are OUT but I will be wearing them less for spring.  What’s in, suede.  In all colors, shapes and styles, faux or not.  Pretty much all things 70s are in bigtime!

1) Going along with the 70s theme, those structured pieces that I love are out compared to more loose fitting silhouettes.  Think ruffles, lace, cold shoulder tops and long cardigans versus short ones.  A shlumpy look that works great on all of you small framed girls!

Ecote Tabby Modern Cold Shoulder Shirt from Urban Outfitters for $59

One final note, the sporty look that so many have taken up is being replaced with a more boho style.  Think of it as trading up your sports bra for a lace bralette.  🙂


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