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A New Chapter

Now that we are officially in our new house and all of our stuff too, and there is a LOT of stuff, this operation PAINT JOB is going to much more difficult and time constrained.  Thank goodness May is almost over because I’ve nearly shown you every room in the house.  When May is over, I’ll return to my “normal” life in the fashion world.  But I won’t disappoint, when I have a room more “completed,” I’ll snap some photos for you so you can see the transformations. In the meantime, let’s discuss the kitchen. The kitchen is wonderful and disappointing, all at the same time.  While the cabinets are new and in great shape (yea!) they are also golden oak and arranged so that the kitchen looks tiny.  Instead of utilizing the very large rectangular room the kitchen is housed under, it is shoved into a small corner, cut off by an l-shaped island that I’m sad to report is topped off with the exact same countertop that we just replaced in our former home that probably dates back to 1989 (it’s haunting me).  Here’s a photo-

While there is room for a kitchen table, my family doesn’t own one nor would we probably ever use it. We are simply used to sitting at the island for each meal. So here’s the plan. Let’s change the kitchen. Goal one, take cabinet color to my personal favorite and classic white. Goal two, change the shape of that island to utilize the space in the room and to replace dated countertops. My idea for the island is to turn it so that it runs parallel the sink and extends more into the space where the kitchen table would sit.  It also would need to be able to sit five stools around the space so that our whole family can eat together. The other solution involves…paint.  We’ve investigated new cabinet fronts, professional painters, a whole kitchen replacement and we’re left thinking that we’ll try a product called Kitchen Transformations.  I’ll let you know when we are brave enough and have time enough to undertake this task. The only thing I really know is, kitchens sell your home.  If yours is less than stellar, don’t pour your money into bedrooms, bathrooms, backyards.  Where do you spend most of your time?  There is no doubt, in the kitchen. And I’m hoping that someday soon ours will be a place where we’d like to spend all of our time.


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