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A Short Six Days, Seven Nights

Most of us want to be somewhere warm when heading out for spring break!  Hopefully that doesn’t equal Mexico and running around making Girls Gone Wild videos.  (Remind me to never let my daughter go on spring break!) Just like Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights, we want to relax and soak up some sun.

(Image courtesy of Little does she know what she’s in for, but with Harrison Ford as her co-pilot, does one need to worry?  Let’s face it, Han Solo can probably keep you safe. For me lately, I think if I were headed somewhere warm, without the kids, I’d probably pack my toothbrush, a swimsuit and a smile.  And those six days, seven nights might really fly by.  But if you have more indepth plans than just having Coronas on the beach (where can I find those matching his and her tubs?), here’s what to pack. First off, a great day dress is essential.  Here’s one that caught my eye-

The Corset Dress in Eyelet from Victoria’s Secret $80 Mostly I love its color.  My mood brightens just looking at it.  And those ladies over at the Victoria’s Secret know what they are doing when it comes to the beach and the sun.  Trust me. Now let’s add on a pair of sandals that make you want to order a Sex on the Beach (the drink that is!).

Wagger by Steve Madden at Piperlime $45 What else to pack?  Number one, a killer suit (did I mention Newport-News is having any swimsuit for $10 right now- sizes are hard to find but I’ll excuse you if you need to browse right now).  You’ll also need: a pair of shorts, a sweater (surprise!  for on the plane and also for out at night), a tank and some flat sandals. And whatever you do at your beach destination, always remember who you are in love with, don’t take plane rides alone with crazy puddle jumping pilots and let those six days and seven nights completely transform you!


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