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Accessory Exchange

I am going to be part of my first ever accessories exchange party.  And I’m thrilled.  Because you know I love a good recycle.  And who doesn’t want to have a girl party every night?

Image courtesy of miss pupik/Creative Commons

My thoughts are drifting to what I’m going to bring.  Having just had a garage sale and given many of my shoes and bags to a great consignment store, I’m going to have to dig deeper. I have always wanted to do a closet swap.  But I think it would be fairly hard to exchange bottoms if you have many different sized participants.  But accessories!  What a fun idea.  What to do with that necklace you never wear or that bag that sits in your closet. Trade it! My sister and I do this about every season- trade clothing.  We don’t exactly wear the same size however, so it is really hit or miss.  We also don’t wear the same shoe size, darn it.  But she has fabulous taste and I adore freeloading her hand-me-downs. What do you do with your castoffs?  Do you have a family exchange or a group of friends to pass the off to?  Maybe you should be planning your own exchange party!


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