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Back to School Tears

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  (Sob.)  I was doing great holding it all together until I left our middle child’s classroom last night after open house.  He is starting kindergarten and his teacher gave us this poem.  I wanted to share.  We are so lucky to have her as a teacher.


Image from by Stoonn

I believe this poem was written by Judith Viorst.

The First Day I gave you a little wink and smile As you entered my room today. For I know how hard it is to leave And know your child must stay. You’ve been with him for many years now And have been a loving guide. But now, alas, the time has come To leave him at my side. Just know that as you drive away And tears down your cheeks may flow. I’ll love him as I would my own And help him learn and grow. For as a parent, I too know How quickly the years do pass. And that one day, it was my turn To take my child to class. So please put your mind at ease And cry those tears no more. For I will love him and take him in When you leave him at my door.

Sob right?

I am incredibly grateful that my kids are a part of a school where the teachers care about my kids like their own.  Maybe I do have something to be cheerful about!


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