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Beauty Shop Saturday-Come On Over to the Dark Side

Of nail polish, that is.  Dark fingernail polish has lately been almost an accessory to an outfit.  This is a hard style to rock when you are a busy mom.  Chipped polish (typically after day one for me) is a bummer.  And there is no way I can afford/find time for professional manicures.  Most of the time I’m lucky to have my fingernails filed!  But in the winter, I do like to switch it up from my summer nudes to something bolder.  And when I get the time to paint my fingernails next, there are some fun colors I’m going to try.  Check out this fun feature on, the nail selector. Here are my favs: Black Platinum Frost Navy Baby Frost Mochachino Frost Here’s a model showing off her dark side (nails that is), courtesy of InStyle.

Fur - What Nail Polish to Wear With Fall Fashion Trends - Duri
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