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Black Friday

Oh, it is next to a religious experience.  Mainly because I get to spend the entire day shopping with my sister without interruptions.  For us, it isn’t so much about the deals (although we definitely pick up those!) but being together and doing what we do best…shopping! For a day like this you must focus on what is quick, comfortable and easy.  You may be shopping from sun up to sun down and you may be trying on clothes, walking for miles, standing in long lines and carrying loads of bags. This year I’m wearing these jeans from Banana Republic and this red zip up sweater coat from Carolyn Taylor ( purchased from the Goodwill) to avoid having to bring a heavy coat inside stores.  The t-shirt is from Old Navy.

Don’t forget cute little Sketchers sneakers! Keep the accessories simple.  For me, it’ll just mean grabbing these Premier earrings that echo the grommets in the shirt.  I may potentially sleeping in them as well! Happy Hunting!


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