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BSS- Baring It All

This post might be LENGTHY.  And I apologize upfront for that.  The initial reason for this post is a great new foundation that I enjoy.  But thinking on that gave me also something I thought I’d write about. Skincare. Most of those who know me know that I don’t have perfect skin.  Living with not-so-perfect skin hasn’t always been easy. Like a lot of girls who hit their teen years, my skin broke out.  But mine was BAD.  Anyone who has ever had a condition that you can’t control, that is on the first thing people look at when they notice you, will tell you that life isn’t easy.  And to write the post is not easy for me either.  I can be brave, I can be brave… I know what it is like to be called pizza face when you are sitting with your teammates on the bench at a basketball game by a boy from the opposing team.  Or pussface by the boy you have a crush on right in front of your father.  Or have a blemish popped by the thoughtless popular girl in the middle of class because she loves to pop zits.  I understand what it is when people talk about having pimples and anxiously look your way first (it is just human nature).  I completely get it when you want to call in sick to school or work because you just don’t want to deal with it one more day.  If anyone out there gets it, I get it. Side note- It’s also not a great idea to ask if you’d like facial wash for Christmas.  That isn’t a thoughtful gift.  Just an FYI. And it’s hard for others to understand why Clearasil and Proactive work for everyone else, shouldn’t they just clear up your face too? They don’t know that you have been on prescription drugs for years that would disfigure any babies you conceived while on them and regularly have your liver checked for damage said medication could produce. What is my point in writing this?  It isn’t for you to feel sorry for me.  I don’t have any reason to complain. God made me in his image and some day I’m going to have a new and perfect body.  My point is that, this is my truth.  We all have our story.  We all have our baggage.  But when it is written on your face for the whole world to see, I GET IT.  You have a sympathizer in me.  As the old adage says, “Once you walk in someones shoes,  you know their struggle.”  If you know me, you know that all of this is behind the scenes. And I don’t blame people for their comments.  Most of the time, they just want to help, right? If you look at me today, you will see that I still bear the scars of this skin disease.  And I still struggle with it, even now in my 30s.  Through pregnancies and hormonal changes and birth control pills and all kinds of crazy prescription experiments, I still have flair ups. But I take GREAT care of my skin.  I know good skincare even if you wouldn’t think it to look at me.  If you want to know what I think works and what doesn’t, that’s a post for another time. I still feel the need to cover every day and that is where this post originally began.  And since it is becoming so lengthy, I will “cover” the original topic tomorrow. If you want to hear about my new favorite foundation, stay tuned…


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