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BSS- Press On Nails

Did you ever try Lee Press On Nails when you were a kid (or not so much a kid)?  I remember how excited I was as a kid at the thought of having gorgeous long nails simply by peeling off a sticker.

At my blogging conference this year I received a package of new and advanced press on nails by Broadway Nails.

The set that I have has a really cute pattern on a French manicure look.  And I’m testing them out this week to see if they live up to the claimed week-long duration period.


Broadway Press On Nails

To apply, you simply need a clean, dry, polish free nail.  They also provide a small prep tool that is just to rough up your nail bed.  You peel back the adhesive strip covering, press and hold.  Just like old school.  And you should avoid submerging in water at least right away.

My set is also a short set, so I actually had to file down a few nails to apply.  Otherwise, they come with extra nails so that you can match your nail size.

I’ll give you some updates on how long they last.  For now, here’s how they look!


Patterned Press On Nails


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