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BSS- The Big Kahuna

I may or may not be able to post the next few days, so I’m doing my BSS post now.  Hopefully if things work out, I’ll have a few special blog posts soon.  So check back! I’ve been working very hard on our master bathroom and it is a biggie.  When I first laid eyes on it, it was wallpapered head to toe.  And I’m also sorry to report that most of the fixtures contain that dreaded…brass (color).  But nothing a few measly days of my life can’t fix! After taking down the wallpaper (thank you wallpaper fairies, you know who you are!), fixing the areas that the wallpaper damaged (and one hole that was found underneath the wallpaper) and then sanding, I was ready to paint. Here is the afters-

The “his” vanity

The “hers” vanity

The shower and tub

The color I chose was Benjamin Moore’s woodlawn blue. I know the photos are hard to see, but it is a light and airy aqua green. And it gives this bathroom so much more life than it had before. We have big plans for this bathroom, SOMEDAY. But for now, the two-toned will have to stay until either our wallets are fatter or my swollen hands are less.


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