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Call the Fire Department

Ok, not literally.  But the home we purchased has a family room off the kitchen and needless to say in all of Heavy Cream, there was one lone wall with color…a deep country maroon.  And it was used as an “accent” wall by the fireplace.  [Shudder.] I confess, there was a time when I would have enjoyed this color, especially had it been used more purposely throughout the house.  But that time has come and gone. While I still love bold color choices, I just like to use them now as accents or in small rooms where I can change the paint color like I change my hair color.  Now I find myself gravitating towards the light and airy neutrals or the dramatic neutrals, but either way, still a neutral. And so that maroon had to GO.  It was one of the first walls to get a coat of something, anything to put out the maroon fire.  Needless to say, that is all that has happened with it. Here’s a pict-

Please disregard the half hazard furniture. I was definitely not thinking clearly when I snapped this photo.

Therefore the maroon is gone and I’m at a standstill waiting to see what happens with the kitchen before I can declare a paint color for said room.  The poor thing has one coat of primer and another coat of paint (what was thought to be the same color as the rest of the room…Not!) and it STILL doesn’t look “finished” yet.

What a sad little fireplace.  Hopefully it’ll be soon be getting some love…

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