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Christmas Eve Service

It’s Christmas Eve!  I hope you’ll find your way to a church service that includes the story of the baby Jesus’ birth.  Isn’t amazing how God chose to send His Son in the form of a helpless infant?  He didn’t come on a chariot of fire from heaven.  He was born quietly in a barn.  And yet he will grow to save the whole world from their sin.  Isn’t it wonderful to know all the terrible things we do and think every day have been erased in his blood on the cross?  And when we die, we will live forever where there will be no more sadness, disease, abuse or any kind of evil?  He makes this offer to everyone, no matter our wealth, our race, or how good or bad we have been.  He simply says, “Follow me.”  This is a joyful night!

Dress the part.  God doesn’t care what clothes you wear to church.  But out of respect, we should dress in our best, even if that means your jeans.  If the president called for an appointment, you would take care to look as nice as is in your means.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve with whomever you share it with!

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