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Cold Weather Ideas 6

The last of the cold weather installments just in time for a snow storm!

Today’s looks features my plaid cape which I love but I don’t wear very often because in the midwest it has to be the perfect situation outside.  Unfortunately I don’t have any long gloves that’ll make the look easier to wear when it’s REALLY cold out.

So this look is best when it isn’t frigid out.  I wear it mostly in the fall.  But it is wool and with a sweater underneath it keeps me pretty warm.

Cold Weather 6

Cold Weather 6

And I love this floppy hat. I tried to tip it back on my head so you could see my face but it doesn’t normally look quite this floppy.  🙂



And there you have it!  (Almost) all my winter coats!

Sweater- Ann Taylor

Hat & Jeans- Gap

Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Cape- Target

Earrings- ?

Booties- Younkers


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