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Color Me Happy

We catch a warm spell over the weekend and wow, did it feel great. Perhaps the groundhog will be right this winter? If he's not, and we have more snowy weather ahead, this outfit will keep you bundled up in style.

Here I'm wearing a long cargo coat with my trusty Sorel snow boots. My coat has a colorful liner with flowers that makes me think of spring. And I love all things Boho so I enjoy wearing this colorful hat. It just makes something basic and every day a little more fun.

Underneath I have a light lavender sweater with a Boho faux fur vest on top. I love to add layers in an outfit because=options. I added my ElleBelle leather earrings and a long necklace for some interest.

Have you noticed a theme for a long winter? Color, my friend, it makes you happy.


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