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Cruise Director

It’s the title my family jokingly calls me because I plan family activities when my siblings and I all get together.  I find it ironic because none of them listen to the cruise director. They enjoy teasing me about the activities I cook up.  Hey, at least I try to keep them entertained.

I apologize I haven’t been as punctual with my posts lately. I’ve been doing so much party planning lately and I enjoy it.  It must be part of the cruise director in me.  I like to pull people together for one common goal, especially when it involves helping others.

Recently I have been busy with the following: organized my women’s church group to tie heart pillows for nursing home residents for Valentine’s Day, made five baskets of goodies for a Valentine’s Day silent auction, hosted a tea party for big and little girls for a birthday and cooked lasagna for 30 church members.

I like to craft, decorate and plan.  Most especially when its for a good cause.  And I tell you these things not to brag but in the hopes you’ll see why I’m occasionally late with a post.  Excuses, excuses!

And yesterday was no exception.  I hosted a reception at my church for our pastor’s wife, as our pastor is retiring the beginning of the summer.  I wanted her to know that we appreciated all the wonderful things she has done for our church.

So I planned a girlie, frou-frou reception with a garden tea in mind.  We had lots of floral tablecloths, teapots with multicolored flowers as the centerpieces, fancy luncheon plates with the silver coffee hostess set out.  It was so much fun. And I thought you might like a glimpse into what it looked like.


Old Suitcase Filled With Luggage “Tags”


Church Tables

Teapots & Table Tents

Teapots & Table Tents


Punch, Water Pitcher and Coffee Set


Some of the Tags I Made for the Buffet Table


Buffet Table Minus Cake & Sandwiches

So now all I need to do is help host Easter…


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