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Day 24- Opening Presents

Hopefully it isn’t six a.m.  If you’re getting together with family to exchange presents, wear something that makes you feel like you’re still in your bathrobe.

Cha Cha Vente Top, Kimono Sleeve Accordion Pleated Belted Chiffon Blouse at Macy’s $48 (If it’s too sheer for you, wear a black shell underneath.) Add on your favorite straight leg jeans.  Here is a favorite-

1969 Real Straight Jeans from the Gap $70 Finish with peep toe heels.  Okay, so these aren’t like your slippers, but they are comfy and way cuter-

Women’s Mossimo Isabella Peep-Toe Pumps- Red at Target on clearance $16 I hope everyone gets what they wanted!


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