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Day Fifteen- Library Lady

Trying to relax was on today’s menu after a jam-packed weekend.  But I did take the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of library goodness in the community. Libraries are so important.  They say so much about your community.  Is yours well taken care of?  Does it have a good selection of books?  Is it a central part of your community and its events?  How do you feel when you’re there- welcomed?  Excited? Checking out a good book, movie, CD, magazine or puzzle is something our family does almost every week.  It’s like being a member of a very exclusive club… but it is FREE and not exclusive at all.  It is open to all. What a wonderful place.


Vest*- Limited

Jeans*- Old Navy

Sneakers- Mudd

Necklace & Earrings*- Charming Charlies

Don’t forget to visit your local library!


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