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Day Seven- Weekend Away #2

Today the fam is meeting to enjoy some time together.  Wear something easy and relaxed but with a playful vibe.  I’d start with this floral skirt from Target-

Be fearless with a top in the same tone-

Pepe Jeans Silk Pleat Tab Front Shell Top from Asos $45 Wow, Pepe. Does anyone remember this company? I remember when it was all the rage to have Pepe jeans. Oh dear. And a blue plastic bag from the Buckle was the cool gym bag. Oh that name takes me back… Sit back and look pretty in these sweet little numbers-

Fergalicious Ultimate Wedge Pump from DSW $40 Worried that two reds don’t make a right? Wrap your trench around your waist and forgit aboud dit!

Trench from Kmart Enjoy the fam!


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