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Day Twenty-eight- Date with the Mr.

It’s that coveted time that happens only when the stars align- a date with your significant other. Rejoice in the experience and remember what kindled that fire to begin with by dressing romantically. Start by wearing a dress (gasp!)-

Striped dress from Banana Republic Throw on your Kmart trench over top for a little mystery-

Toss on a pair of peep toes-

Nine West Women’s Escher Peep Toe Platform from Amazon approximately $79 Don’t forget to leave the mommy bag at home and grab the “I-don’t-need-anything-else-tonight-but-lipstick-and-my-ID” clutch.

Magid Satin Ruffle Flower Clutch from ebags $26 Thanks for enjoying 28 days of spring mommy style!


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