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Destination Inspiration- Garden of Eden

Okay, so maybe it’s just your backyard and it really isn’t as perfect as we imagine the Garden of Eden.  But wherever your garden, make it an equal oasis- a place of bliss and relaxation.

I love this little retreat.  Notice how your eye looks beyond the stairs to the focal point, the gazebo.  It makes this backyard seem larger than perhaps it is.  That frame of plants around the steps creates intrigue and drama.  And the privacy.  Ahhh.

What to pack, a big floppy hat.  I love floppy hats.  Not only do they help protect your face from the sun but they are so fun to wear!

Don’t forget a pretty pink nail polish.  This one by Essie is called, Tea and Crumpets.  Perfect.

Pour me a glass of that lemonade and it’s time for a garden party!

Floppy hat

Essie nail polish $18 –


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