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I know that my redeemer lives!  Happy Easter!  Remember that Jesus died for your sins, for you, for me, for your neighbor down the street, for that little boy in school who bullied you, for the people in jail cells right now.  He died for every nation and for all people, for all time.  Isn’t that incredible?  Only God could do this amazing thing.  It is wonderful to know that when this life is over all those who love Christ will see each other again and death no longer will have its sting!  All thanks to what we celebrate at Eastertime. This is the high holiday of Christendom, so DRESS THE PART!  Today of all days is the day to celebrate.  I’d definitely wear- a dress! Here’s what I’m planning on wearing this Easter-

Dress- Calvin Klein Jacket- Robert Rodriguez Shoes- Nine West Necklace, earring and ring? Pearl ring, my own Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!


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