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Exposing the Toes

I think spring has FINALLY arrived.  Let’s hope the warmer temperatures stick around now for awhile. If you live where it is warm the majority of the time, chances are you are already (or even do this year-round) wear sandals. But here in the frozen tundra of the Midwest is another story.  We get to wear our sandals an average of five months of the year, if we’re lucky. It is always hard to judge when it is time to officially break out the sandals.  There are years that you hit an abnormally warm spring only to get hit with a late snow storm that makes you feel silly for breaking into anything that has an open toe. So what are the guidelines? Here’s my thoughts. 1)  It should be after Easter.  If you’re wearing sandals in the cold weather regions before Easter, you may look silly.  Not to mention you’ll probably freeze. 2)  If you have to wear a heavy coat, you probably shouldn’t be wearing sandals.  How silly would it look to bundle up on top and leave the bottom exposed?  Also, will your feet be cold?  Or will you be hot  in your closed toed shoes? 3)  Temperatures should be above 60.  Or at least averaging daily close to there.  The only exception to this is if it is a really sunny but chilly day and you can’t help yourself after a long cold winter. Just remember, sandals are for summer.  Boots are for winter.  And there are only a few exceptions to this rule.  (Cowboy boots can look fabulous with a summer dress…  Sometimes a special occasion calls for dressy sandals in the winter…) Dress your feet with caution.  And think before you expose your toes!


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