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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Four- Friday Nite Lights


Friday Nite Lights

What to wear when it is football season but it doesn’t feel like football season?  That’s a very hard question.  Especially when one minute you are cooking and the next need something to take away the chill.

I had a wardrobe problem, as did just about everyone headed to the football game last night.  I was originally wearing a tshirt and was convinced by the Mr. that I would need something additional.  So I broke out the long sleeves.  With sandals.  And a fuzzy vest. It was kind of a fashion fumble but seriously, the weather today was just as uncoached. And I was happy at least that I wasn’t hot or cold pretty much the whole night.  Just bazaar and not another win for me!

Vest- Royal Robbins

Tshirt- Hanes

Capris- Gap

Sandals- Dillards


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