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Falling for Fall- The Final Look

I've had so much fun showing you outfits for fall from Steph's Boutique. Our downtown shopping is amazing for a small town and I hope you'll make more trips here when you want to go out shopping.

For the last outfit, I paired this cute top that is so soft and cuddly and has a fun neckline ($25) with a pair of my own jeans, hat, bag, necklaces and mustardy fringe heels. I think this top would be perfect for a casual date night or a girls night out event.

Mustard teardrop earrings
Love these mustard teardrop earrings ($8)!

So grab some girlfriends and some cute clothes or accessories (like my leopard bracelet ($8) from Steph's Boutique and make time to shop and visit our downtown. This weekend is our Girls Getaway Weekend- a really fun experience. Remember, if you don't support local, we may not have these amazing stores!

Instead of a ton of pictures, I made a few little animations of our amazing downtown for your enjoyment. :) Come check out what our small town has to offer!


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