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Falling for Fur

I simply cannot get enough faux fur lately!  It is everywhere.  It was everywhere last season, it still is everywhere this season and it may be the only reason I have to look forward to winter. Last year I made an amazing find by purchasing an infinity scarf from Ann Taylor Loft made of faux fur.  It was on clearance (of course) at the end of the season.  And it has countless uses.  Wear it with a vest, it looks like the vest has a fur collar.  Where it with a sweater, the sweater looks like a fur collar.  Where it with a jacket, well, you get the idea. Wearing it creates just a little bit of drama and fun in a season full of bleakness.  Plus, it is warm! I think everyone should have just a little bit of fur in their lives.  So whether you indulge in a pair of gloves with fur edging (very low risk) or booties with fur tops or you go all out with a faux fur coat or sweater vest with hood (see below), enjoy the fun it brings to your winter looks! Picture from the Loft this season-


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