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Falling in Love with Fall #7

This is the last excerpt about fall fashion.  Something that I didn’t note but thought you might have noticed is the use of hats.  Hats are very popular still this year.  The fedora makes a return but not the same way that we’ve seen made popular all those years ago by Kevin Federline.  This time it looks more like Sienna Miller.  Floppy, wider brim, more boho.  This hat looks best when worn with attitude.  It has just the right mixture of sass and sweetness.

Also hugely popular this year is the beanie which will come in handy when we’re freezing in the pick up line at school, right?  Wear it with all of your casual looks.

Hats will add a little something to your basics.  Wearing all solids and feeling a little off? Throw one on.  Not to mention, forget doing your hair!  These are the cure alls for bad hair days.

I hope I’ve got you out busy fall shopping!!

Oh, and go check out Beth at her fabulous blog- Home Stories A to Z.  Love her stuff!

Black hat

Knit slouch hat


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