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Fashion 101- The Beginning of a Wardrobe That Works

This isn’t a simple job.  But building a wardrobe can start simple.  We all have clothes in our closet.  Whether or not they are the “right” clothes for us is one thing.  And I’m a girl on a budget.  I don’t intend for you all to throw away every piece of clothing you own and start new.  What we’re going to talk about tonight is weeding, analyzing and setting some rules- all for your closet. First off, weeding.  I am a self admitted clothes hoarder, or close to it.  So this can be difficult.  I have a hard time with the rules “if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it.”  Surely there will be a time when that white dress shirt will come in handy?  So my advice is just this, try to let go of the ones you just don’t even LIKE.  There’s most likely a reason.  Is it stained?  Faded?  Gives you muffin top?  Then it is just weighing your closet down. Secondly and, most importantly, we need to determine what you’ve got.  What do you need these clothes for?  Are you a stay-at-home mom with a closet full of work clothes?  Are you a working mom with only casuals?  You need to determine what type of clothes you need.  I’m not saying that the stay-at-home mom can’t have a fancy dress or lots of skirts.  But be sure that your closet works for the activities that you spend your time doing. Now it’s time to find the holes.  Piece by piece go through each item (this takes some thought- perhaps an activity for a rainy Sunday or when the kids are in bed).  Do you have something in your closet that it goes with?  If you could pair it with anything, what would it be?  If you are missing it, write it down.  You are now beginning to make your shopping “list” that you can carry in your wallet for when you get some time to shop.  I like to put mine on an index card so that it is nice and sturdy.  It will help with impulse buys and this way you won’t forget what you’re missing! Here’s a start on my list of “must-haves” for any wardrobe.  But you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for more help building a solid wardrobe! Holly’s Must-Haves (from a previous post): 10) Flared leg jeans 9) A printed skirt 8) A white dress shirt 7) Basic heels 6) A scarf that brings out the color of your eyes 5) Boots 4) A blazer 3) A trenchcoat 2) A LBD 1) Khakis

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