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Fashion 101- What Do You Look Good In?

Hang with me, this could be a long post.  We have a lot to cover.  Remember we are building a wardrobe here! Yesterday I gave you a few “must-haves.”  These are just general guidelines.  What types of clothing you choose is up to you and your lifestyle.  As for building a wardrobe, here are a few tips. 1)  Figure out what colors you look good in.  You don’t have to do some crazy color analysis.  And I am a believer that you can’t rule out one whole color as a rule.  e.i.  I look terrible in red.  Maybe you don’t look that great in a blue red but maybe an orange red you look awake and alive! Start to buy those colors.  If blue makes your eyes pop like crazy, you should have some blue shirts and sweaters in your closet.  Find the opposite color of your eyes on the color wheel and most likely you look good in that color too.  There’s another color to invest in. (Brown eyed girls- if you are more light brown, go with violet, darker brown, most likely blue or green.)  Now, with the additions of some neutrals (again, stick with only two to start, the two you look best in) and you are beginning to create pieces you can mix and match.  2)  Don’t forget patterns!  A wardrobe built upon solids alone will not have the visual appeal that one with a variety of patterns will.  3)  Don’t forget pants other than denim!  So many of us get stuck in the denim game.  And there are so many other options.  If you want to be able to really stretch your closet, you have to be willing to wear a skirt, a khaki pant or a striped trouser.  Even if you stay-at-home.  Even if you have babies.  Even if you are most comfortable in denim. 4)  Don’t forget a variety of shoes.  Here’s a basic list: *nude pumps (even more versatile than black) *tall boots (makes your skirts winter friendly) *flats *sneakers *wedges (for those pants that need something with some weight on the bottom to balance them out) I hope this is making sense.  Tomorrow- finding clothes that fit!


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