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Fixer Upper- Week 14

Here we are on week 14 and we’re still working away hard on the inside of the place.  I’ve had a few panic moments that soccer starts a month from now and we haven’t touched the outside of the house.  Gah!

One of the things I thought would really enhance the kitchen was a small island.  There isn’t a ton of countertop space or work space when you’re cooking.  And by taking out the walls that enclosed some of the kitchen space, that left it open to incorporate an island. Specifically the island would have enough room to have space for some bar stools!

Measuring the space and what we could fit, we chose a cabinet that was as wide as we thought would fit comfortably and still allow movement in the kitchen and space for a small table to the side.

And here’s where I had an idea.  Instead of walking up the stairs to see the backside of a plain white stock backing to the cabinet, why not put something there that gives the back a little character and maybe also a bit of color?

So I found an old door that we could use to give the piece a bit more dimension and with my dad’s help, we cut it down to fit so that most of the pretty pieces would show.  Here is the door in its original finish.

Door Cut Down

We took the door and gave it a good coat of paint and mounted it.  And here’s what it looks like now-

Door Painted

Door Painted

I thought leaving the old hardware was cool too.  All around this door will be trim so no raw edges will show.

So now there’s a little bit of muddy gray loveliness in a bright white kitchen.

Next week, hopefully we can get outside and get going.  And soon to reveal…the countertops!!


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