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Football in the Yard

A sneaky way I get exercise on a daily basis is just playing with the kids.  Sure, there is running up and down the stairs who knows how many times a day, probably carrying at least a 25 pound human weight.  And there’s the laundry and the dishwasher and standing to make dinner each night.  But I can really get in a good workout just playing outside with my boys or chasing my little girl down the sidewalk as she is figuring out how much fun it is to scare her mother to death with the running out into the street attempts. Just a little disclaimer to this post.  Let’s pretend it isn’t January in Iowa.  And let’s pretend that I’m not typically wearing half a nice outfit and half a “I-think-I-did-some-painting-in-this” sweatshirt.  Let’s pretend that when I woke up that day, all I had to think about was a day of fun playing outside with the kids.  Let’s pretend I feel more like Rachel Green vying for the Geller Cup-

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