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Foundation Brushes

Never underestimate the power of a good beauty tool.  Think of applying makeup with the applicator that it comes with versus a tool purchased on its own with your guy’s power tools verses hand tools.  Things are a whole lot easier.

Today specifically I want to talk about the beauty of a foundation brush.  Excluding airbrushed foundation, basically there are three ways you can apply foundation- fingers, brushes or sponges.  Any of these applications are fine and can do a good job.  But the speed and coverage of a brush can make life just a little bit sweeter.

Do brushes have to be expensive?  I have to admit that you can definitely tell the difference in how much you spend on a brush.  Generally the more expensive the brush, the softer the brush and the less it “sheds.”  You don’t want to be stabbing yourself in the face with coarse bristles or anyone confusing your brushes’ “shedding” with a long coarse dark hair on your face or chest!  That said, there are quality brushes that don’t have to break the band.  There are even some at Target!

I have an assortment of brushes.  Some are Target brand, some are more expensive. There are approximately three different types of foundation brushes.

Here’s what they look like-

Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush, Target $11

This brush is a close second to my favorite brush.  It can be streaky if you aren’t careful.  First use it to apply your foundation in small brush strokes but don’t stop there!  Be sure to go back over those strokes and pat the flat side of the bristles so you don’t have any lines.

Sonia Kashuk Medium Angled Brush, Target $17

This angled brush is more for sheer coverage foundations.  So is flat brush.  For some reason I just don’t like the application of the angled brush.

Sonia Kashuk Large Fibre Brush, Target $13

This is my favorite brush.  I feel like it reallly gets the foundation down into your skin instead of sitting on top.  If you only have one foundation brush, this is the one to have. Use small pats on the top of your skin with this brush and then buff in circular motions after the makeup is applied.

I hope this gives you an understanding into the makeup world of foundation brushes!  These tools of the trade can really be effective, so give them a try!


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