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Let’s take a break for a moment before I publish the last week of created outfits and remember a little thing called Beauty Shop Saturday.  It feels kinda good to be back at the salon. Recently I signed up for Target’s Facebook page- Target Style.  And in the process I also signed up for their free beauty product sample.  I mean, it’s Target, it’s free beauty products, what’s not to like! Well, by the time I had hit “like,” they were of course sold out.  Much to my surprise, a few days ago in the mail I received a package from Target that contained this fancy little makeup pouch-

In it were these fabulous beauty products for me to try-

1) A coupon book 2) Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo samples 3) Jergens Daily moisture sample 4) pixi makeup primer 5) Loreal Everclear Sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner 6) Clear scalp and hair therapy I can’t wait to indulge!


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