Gala 15

Another year, another fabulous Get-all-dressed-up-and-have-a-date-with-the-Mr Gala!  This year I was live tweeting from the Gala, which I lovingly refer to as adult prom.  It’s a fundraiser for our hospital foundation and I had a great time as always getting ready for the event.  There’s the hair, the makeup, the mani/pedi, the dress, the accessories.. so much like a high school prom.  All that’s different is now I have a standing date.

This year’s event was gatsby.  That makes two gatsby themes for me lately!  It’s such a fun theme.  My dress isn’t very gatsby but I had fun wearing it anyway.

Here’s a few pictures from my night out-

Manicure Check

Makeup Check Check

Dress Check

Accessories Check Check

$4 earrings?  Yup!

And lastly….

Date Check Check Check Check Check…

If you want to read more about the event, you can read my recap at

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