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Go Chic Or Go Home

I’m sure some of you are thinking this is just my mantra (and it pretty much is) but this is the name of a website that I’ve stumbled upon that my become another web obsession.  I’ll let them explain exactly what the DL is on this site- “Go Chic or Go Home is a friendly and down-to-earth style community that offers everything you need to make the most of your daily wardrobe. Find outfit inspiration, post your own outfits for reference, and use the virtual closet to create ensembles with your clothes. Members can also earn points towards shopping gift cards or charitable contributions! “ Okay, so basically you take pictures of your clothes and upload them so you can have a virtual closet of your actual closet. Then you can shop for new clothes, get outfit ideas from other people and show your friends your ideas and see theirs. It may be a dream come true. You have to request an invitation, simply to keep the site free from spam and to have real people using it. But it is easily done on their homepage- I’m going to dive into this site head first. I hope to find you there!


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