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This homeschooling thing has hit me hard here in this house. Whoa. Trying to make lesson plans for four different aged children is a real thing. Hopefully this week will be better than last.

My kids have been pretty cooperative, which is good since they don't want to get sent to the principal's office. :) They have commented that it makes the day go faster, so that makes me feel good that I'm helping them.

It makes my work time a little bit of a mess, however, since I have four kids asking me questions about every second. So I have been trying to work more after "school" is over and at night. I am lucky that my work is flexible enough that it can be done when needed (unless I'm pushing a deadline). And for that I'm grateful. I know many of you are not in the same boat.

Does anyone else feel more busy now than they were previously? I swear I barely have one second of time in the day! I mean, the evenings are free, sometimes, when I'm not working. But I feel swamped!

Here is what we did for our first week of homeschooling. I am trying not to make it too hard but somehow keep their minds working. We all did the same workouts, lifeskills (the preschooler does what he can) and Friday we mixed it up a little and we all did the same lessons, just to keep us motivated. The kids have done a really good job on their chores. But it's week two. We'll see if it continues.

If you have any great suggestions, please shoot them over. There's a reason I don't normally do this. Ha!

We can do this!

Happy homeschooling!


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