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How to Be a Savvy Thrifter- Step Four

To the Finish Line

Congratulations, you just successfully thrifted!  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  But before you rejoice in the parking lot with all of your treasures, you must face the checkout. A few things to keep in mind- 1) Don’t forget that many places have a return policy.  So if you do get home and you find something wrong with an item or have second thoughts, you may be able to return it.  Read the fine print at each thrift store. 2) See if you qualify for any discounts.  Some stores run tag sales for specific tag colors on specific days.  Also if you’re a teacher or a senior citizen, you may also have discounts.  Don’t miss out on an extra percentage if there is one! 3) If you are hesitant about an item, remember that it may not be there if you want to return for it.  This isn’t a warehouse full of little black dresses.   So try and decide on the spot. The more you go, the more I know you’ll enjoy thrifting.  It takes practice just like anything else.  Soon you’ll be scanning the racks, scoring some amazing finds and getting them at great prices!

On a side note, I apologize that we had to miss Beauty Shop Saturday.  So I’ll try to throw in an extra special one next week!


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