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I’m Back….

Hi there!  It’s been a nice break for me.  I’ve been busy cuddling with baby and trying to find my house again after the holidays.  But I’m feeling pretty good about managing four littles. Thank heaven they don’t start off crawling!  This summer, however, could be challenging for me!

Meanwhile I’m getting back into the blog again.  This year I’m going to do my best to post several times a week but I won’t be here every day.  I hope you’ll still come read my words of ramble and what I’m up to each week.

I’m really missing all of you too!  And I want to know what you enjoy reading most on this blog.  Do you like hearing about what the latest thing I painted white was?  Are you a busy mom that needs a spit-up friendly outfit quick in the morning?  Are you a fashionista who secretly was hoping I’d be live tweeting about the Golden Globes dresses last night?  (Don’t worry, I was watching. After Downton Abbey, of course.)  Or maybe you just like to hear me spout off about parenting and having four children?

Let me know!  I’d love to share those parts of my life that you’re more curious about!


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