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Many of you have seen this pin on Pinterest-

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According to this blogger, these fashion tips come from a woman who was a former stylist for JCrew.  She is also the author of the blog, A Blog About Love.  She posts a few ideas of how to stylize outfits. Let’s investigate the suggestions she makes- 1) Tying your belt Basically instead of looping your belt through and fastening it down the hole, you are creating a knot with the belt after you pull it through the buckle.  I find this idea fascinating.  First, it frees you from the dreaded, will-the-belt-hit-me-at-the-right-place-where-there-is-a-hole fiasco.  It also gives your belt more presence, instead of just that piece of leather (or whatever material) wrapped around your waist holding up your pants.  I’m a belt person, so having fun with belts in a new and creative way is definitely exciting! 2) Rolling your sleeves Essentially her tip here is instead of rolling up your sleeves from the cuff up to your elbow, pull the cuff to your elbow and roll the rest of the fabric so the cuff can be exposed.  The thought behind this being the cuff is the decorative part of the sleeve.  I love it when someone gives me a tip that makes me say, DUH!  I should have thought of that!  I will never roll my sleeves the same way again! 3) Adding ribbon to necklaces to make them longer and have a pop of color I have to be honest, this one I’ve seen before and have tried myself already.  And while I always think I can make a necklace as fancy and pretty as one I see in the stores by adding ribbon to a miscellaneous necklace, it just doesn’t look quite the same.  But I am not deterred.  I know I’ll hit that sweet spot one of these days when I have a few minutes to do some crafting again.  Or I could just buy one… Nah. While none of these suggestions are life changing, I think they are great examples of creativity with your clothes.  I’m excited to give them a try!  I’d love to hear any of your creative ideas on using clothing in a new way!


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