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Keep It Simple

Attention all brides that want a dress that does all the talking for you, here it is.  This dress is one you’d probably pass by on the hanger but… put it on and it’ll be a show stopper.  How do I know? Look at its gorgeous lines.  All those seams will flatter.  Look at that beautiful fabric.  I just want to touch it!  This dress is a killer.  And it is for the bride that wants something spectacular but simple. Pair this alluring number with a fascinator.  It’ll be small, sleek but pack a punch.  All other accessories need to be minimal.  Let the dress be the show.  I can see this bride loving a simple solitaire and some quiet heels. This look needs to be taken to a special place, like Carrie does in Sex in the City.  Maybe something meaningful to you, like her library.  Let the venue speak volumes for your romance.

Phase Eight ivory wedding dress $595 –


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