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I’m not a huge fan of kickboxing (it takes me back to Tae Bo circa 2000), but I do think it does wonders for your derriere. So I do add it into my workout routine once in awhile, sometimes as often as twice a week.

(Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo) The one thing you don’t want happening while you’re doing your front and back kicks is for your underwear to make an appearance.  This is why I like wearing biker shorts for kickboxing.  Find a pair that doesn’t leave you feeling like you look like Lance Armstrong but with more attitude, like this girl (oh I remember the days when I too may have done a workout in a sportsbra…)-

(Image courtesy of Target) Plus, this pair below can be worn for many different types of workouts.

Knock Out Short-LBS501 from Lilac Black $43 Combine these with a tough little tank that’ll have multiple uses as well and show off your guns when you’re jabbing-

C-9 By Champion Women’s Power Workout Tank from Target $8 Add on your favorite cross-trainers and let the air punches begin!


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