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Lesson #2- Matchstick Pants

I could almost use a cigarette after this day.  Almost.  Wowza.  But I refuse to hash it all out, I won’t complain.  But, does anyone have a match?  Matchstick that is. So…I know you are asking yourself this question, how are these pants different than my skinny jeans?  First of all, these aren’t just jeans.  They can be trousers too.    Secondly, the ones I’ve seen have a very straight fit, not too tapered.  And they are cut just slightly above your shoe, not cropped but definitely hitting at the ankle. And they are going to be POPULAR.  These are the pants you’ll be seeing crazy prints on.  These are the pants that show off your most fabulous shoes (and are not meant to be worn only with flats). These are the pants for the not faint of heart. Are you brave enough?  Or did all your dreams of being on trend this fall just go up in smoke?

Matchstick Cords from JCrew $90

image enlargement

Leopard- Print City Pant from Black House White Market $84

Chiffon Tapered Trousers from Topshop $70


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