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Life Is Too Short

To wear ugly clothes!  This is my mantra.  You have a closet full of beautiful things.  Things people all over the world (who only have a few pieces of clothing, if they are lucky) would love to have.  So why not wear them?  Why save them for a special occasion?  Sure, you don’t have to wear your formal to get groceries.  But let’s break out of the t-shirts! Have you ever heard people talk about waiting to use their good dishes?  These are old Aunt Bertha’s dishes.  We couldn’t possibly use those!  Would you want your grandkids not using the dishes you have?  Seriously! You may say, but I’m a mom and I need to be comfortable and my clothes might get stained.  So Let Them.  90% of all stains can come out. You cannot take these things with you when you die.  Your cashmere sweater deserves to see the light of day.

Outfit by JCrew

And dress your figure, you are not built the same way as your husband!  So show off those legs, those curves! This week I dare you to choose ONE outfit that you have stashed away in your closet for good.  I guarantee that someone will compliment you on it.  And it may just help you let go of what else you’ve been hanging on to.


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