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Old Fashioned Aerobics

It’s time to do our Jane Fonda, Susan Powter or Sweatin’ to the Oldies with Richard Simmons.  Those good old workout tapes are hilarious but do they do the trick?

Susan Powter (Image courtesy of Yes.  While it is amusing to make fun of the traditional aerobic videos, as long as your blood is pumping, you are working that little muscle we all forget to tone, our heart. For this look, please skip the leotard and leggings with headband.  Here’s what I’d wear for some good old fashioned ponying and grapevines. First, start with a trusty pair of stretch pants. While I don’t normally associate roll down pants with aerobics, I like the colors available and the price of these-

Athletica Roll Over Waist Pant $25 Plus, right now they are buy two, get one free!  Who can ever have too many yoga pants? I am just really excited about this top.  I’m not sure what exactly about it I love, but I think it has something to do with the colors and the fun cross in the back.  Your tops don’t have to be boring just because it is workout gear-

Hollywood Cami $38 from Athletica While I can’t say I have done any Richard Simmons, I have lots of fond memories of my sister and I doing the windmill with the Stop the Insanity workout (whatever it was called) using an old dictionary and a hard suitcase as our steps. We have come a long way baby!


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