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Old Hose

I’m not sure if ya’ll saw the YouTube sock bun hair curls video that went around on Facebook, but in case you missed it, I’ll explain.  There are countless ways to use old pantyhose.  Now, I’m of the variety that tries to buy a nicer quality pair of hose and wash them by hand to wear again.  I know it inspires an image in your head of pantyhose all over the bathroom drying.  Yup, that’s where I’m from.  I was taught to take care of my clothes and I’m sure this stems from the generation of women in my family who came through the Depression who were forced to reuse.  As long as there are no runs in the hose, they can and should be worn again! Should your pantyhose have a mishap (mine are often the victims of my jagged unmanicured Mommy fingernails), then it is time to put them to use. Somebody out there in cyberworld discovered a great use for old pantyhose, hair ties!  Not only do they never snag (no metal pieces) but they make excellent bun shapers.  And in this one particular video, you can make wonderful curls out of old socks.  Well, I challenge that by using something even softer and more pliable, pantyhose! The directions include (and this is an overnight process): 1) Have your hair damp and combed through 2) Take a snipping of old pantyhose in the leg somewhere so it resembles a rubber band. 3) Pile your hair into a ponytail on top of your head using a piece of the hose and your hairband (On top of your head is simply so that you’ll not only have body to your hair tomorrow but so you won’t be sleeping on the bun at the back of your head all night) 4) Take another section of cut off pantyhose (make this one longer, more like a kid’s sock length) and starting at the base by the hairband, encase all the hair until the ends of your ponytail (it helps if you pull the ends straight up).  5) Roll the hair on top of the hose down to the base of the ponytail into a large bun, tucking the ends under as you go 6)  Now go to sleep 7)  The next morning, voila!  You take out your bun and you’ll have luscious curls Note, the longer the hair, the more curls and better this will work. What are your uses for old pantyhose?

(Image courtesy of One other tip I’ve found for old pantyhose -emergency bras.  Cut off the waist and you have an instant tube bra or cover up if your white bra is showing through your black dress.


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